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CMSA was formally established

(April 19, 2013)    

Yin Liming , Yang Liwei, Wang Zhaoyao, Sun Weigang, Hua Chongzhi, Wang Li

         Relying on the China Aerospace Science and Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. "China Manned Space International Cooperation and exchange center" in April 19th in the Great Wall of China Industrial Group Co., Ltd. was formally established. On the morning of 19 hold the listing ceremony, deputy director of the China Manned Space Engineering Office Yang Liwei on behalf of the manned space engineering office read the notice of the establishment of the center. The manned space flight project director of General Office of Wang Zhaoyao and the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation chief engineer Sun Weigang as "China manned space international cooperation and exchange center" ceremony and delivered a speech.

Wang Zhaoyao, director of the China Manned Space Engineering Office Address
         Aerospace consulting company general manager Wang Li attended the opening ceremony and exchange center construction work report. Introduced in recent years, commissioned by the relevant state departments, the company has in the manned space, satellite communication, satellite navigation, in the field of earth observation research advisory services to large, related international cooperation in space strategy, policy, market, mode, engineering and project management has accumulated rich experience, made useful contribution to promote the internationalization of China space development, show as aerospace international professional advisory body strength. The development prospect of exchange center, the new centre to grasp the development trend of the international manned exploration, focus on long-term development of China manned space flight, strengthen business construction, establish service consciousness, play good professional supporting role; related fields together domestic and foreign experts and resources, building professional, authoritative international cooperation and exchange platform for manned spaceflight do the relevant work, provide support for manned space flight; close communication with relevant international organizations, institutions, promote bilateral, international cooperation and exchange; the center truly become China manned space international cooperation and exchanges to think tank and become engineering office, foreign cooperation platform and window.
 General manager Wang Li of China Aerospace Science and Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. to make working report

        Exchange center as the China Manned Space Engineering Office permanent international cooperation in research, consulting and support mechanism, the responsibility is: with the China Manned Space Engineering Office, to carry out international cooperation strategy and policy research, manned space international cooperation project coordination, international exchange and international cooperation in infrastructure construction, etc..
        Astronaut Jing Haipeng, Liu Wang attended the opening ceremony. Invited to attend the opening ceremony and from Europe Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of people with the promotion of company, China National Space Administration Committee, the international cooperation and coordination of the Central Party school, the International Institute for strategic studies, the State Council Development Research Center for economic research, international technology and other related units of the guests as well as from the relevant units in the system of manned space flight project leadership and experts.

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